Marketing Strategy

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Marketing Strategy

Your Marketing Strategy provides the foundation of your marketing communications program and aligns marketing with your corporate strategy.

Some companies are focused on raising awareness to increase valuation in advance of funding, merger, or IPO. Others need marketing programs to integrate with and accelerate their sales programs for increased revenue. Still others seek to expand their customer base geographically, using social media platforms, or into a new target market. Often a company needs all of these.

Addison Marketing has the tools and expertise to help you develop your marketing strategy and reach your goals.

– Marketing Strategy – working with your team to define a comprehensive Marketing Strategy
– Go-to-Market Plan – sales tools, lead generation, strategic partner relations
– Market Research – understanding your market category, customers and competition

“With Addison Marketing, we had “hands-on” help from a seasoned professional. Frances is a strategic thinker and an excellent writer and communicator.”

Sarah Willis, VP of Marketing at CDNetworks