Marketing Communication

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Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications is a set of programs that broadcast your product and company messages, using a variety of media, in order to multiply your product/service recognition in the market, all with the goal of selling more products.

Addison Marketing provides a variety of affordable online and traditional marketing communications programs.

Positioning and Message development results in the fundamental communications platform that is the basis for all your marketing communications. Addison Marketing begins each engagement with the development of the Positioning and Message platform. Free Marketing Tool: Positioning & Message Basics

Marketing Communications and Branding Plan – the set of messages, search terms and marketing programs for your marketing communications efforts.

Taglines and Headlines – creation of a crisp catch-phrase that accompanies your logo and highlights your company’s value in the market.

Marketing writing and editing – press releases, case studies, white papers, contributed articles, etc.

“I found Addison Marketing through a trusted resource in my network. I was impressed with the good work Addison Marketing was doing for them and with their portfolio – particularly the Positioning and Messaging template and approach.”

Jake Janovetz, President, Opal Kelly