International Expansion

Addison Marketing

International Expansion

Addison Marketing has deep experience and “hands-on” work in Europe and in helping European and Asian companies startup in the U.S.

Addison Marketing helped CDNetworks, the #1 Content Delivery Network in Asia, launch in the US and Europe and grow to $20 million in combined annual revenue.

Addison Marketing has also helped European companies Vibrant Media and launch and build awareness in the US and has worked with European companies – Expert Eyes, Europa, Schiphol Travel, and others, with their pan-European programs.

Frances Mann-Craik served as CMO and SVP of International Marketing for GorillaPark, a Amsterdam/London/Paris/Munich incubator helping 16 startups build their initial go-to-market plans. She also served as SVP of Marketing for Tornado-Insider, an Amsterdam-based magazine, website and events company that helped build the infrastructure, supporting technology entrepreneurs throughout Europe.