About Us

what we are about

At the heart of Addison Marketing is a passion for cool technology and helping B2B tech companies grow. We enjoy “rolling up our sleeves,” digging in and giving you hands-on help from senior-level professionals. We provide a full range of marketing programs that get you up and running, and sets you apart from all the noise.

Addison Marketing fits into your business growth cycle between idea and IPO — when you need to build a buzz, but before you are ready for big, single-purpose marketing agencies (PR, advertising, SEO). These agencies are great when you have a big budget, but often require a $10K per month commitment and annual contracts. Addison is able to be more flexible, offering affordable prices on both monthly “retained” contracts and marketing projects.

Addison Marketing’s senior level professionals leverage their skills and experience – from coaching incubating startups to working with Fortune 100 companies – and work with you directly to develop and deliver your lean startup marketing programs.

Frances Mann-Craik

Founder and CEO

Addison Marketing’s founder, Frances Mann-Craik, is a Silicon Valley native with roots in the Valley and technology marketing and business development experience in both the US and Europe. She blends major corporate experience with passion, energy, and understanding of the life of an entrepreneur.

Frances’ expertise in technology marketing and business development, coupled with deep experience in working with startups and growing firms, provides Addison Marketing clients with an unique, flexible and vibrant resource. Having worked with more than 20 startups, in both the US and Europe, Frances has a deep understanding of the challenges a growing company faces. She has developed tools and templates to accelerate marketing processes, while keeping costs within a startup budget.

Frances’ clients benefit from her broad Silicon Valley and European network. She is an advisor to the Wireless Communications Alliance, an Advisor to the Innovation Journalism program at Stanford University, and a former member of the Board of Trustees of Menlo College. Frances is also a featured columnist and sought-after speaker in both the US and Europe.

Frances has worked with companies all over the world as a marketing services provider and employee, including: Opal Kelly, Encoding.com, PROLIN, CDNetworks, Jova Solutions, GPXS, Schiphol Travel, EUROPA, Big Bang Ventures, Essential Solutions, Accelerance, Vibrant Media, Celerity Systems (now Aeroflex Test Solutions), GorillaPark, Tornado-Insider, UpStart, Oracle, Hyundai, Unisys, Convergent, and Hewlett-Packard.

Ali Harris

Director of New Projects

A Silicon Valley native and Internet search veteran, Ali focuses on bringing the best SEO strategies to companies that are determined to grow and capture the largest audience possible. Ali possesses deep knowledge of what search engines are seeking and how to help businesses use that knowledge to create the best performing website possible, for both human users and automated search robots. Helping companies gain a better understanding of their user base and website performance is how Ali has substantially increased traffic and conversions for many companies. Keeping up on what’s new in the land of Google and Bing is what drives her; helping companies harness the power of their passion, is what keeps her going every day.