Perfect Marketing
for Growing Tech Business
Addison Marketing

Integrated Marketing for Tech Business

At the heart of Addison Marketing is a passion for cool technology and helping B2B tech companies grow. We enjoy “rolling up our sleeves,” digging in and giving you hands-on help from senior-level professionals. We provide a full range of marketing programs that get you up and running, and sets you apart from all the noise.

Addison Marketing fits into your business growth cycle between idea and IPO — when you need to build a buzz, but before you are ready for big, single-purpose marketing agencies (PR, advertising, SEO). These agencies are great when you have a big budget, but often require a $10K per month commitment and annual contracts. Addison is able to be more flexible, offering affordable prices on both monthly “retained” contracts and marketing projects.

“The results of our press launch, organized by Addison Marketing, far exceeded our expectations. We had 17 briefings with the top target publications and blogs resulting in more than 20 original articles in outlets like TechCrunch, Mashable, GigaOm, ReadWriteWeb, and NetworkWorld. THe launch exceeded our goals for beta customers and has generated an amazing number of leads

Jeff Malkin, President